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Project Description

Entrepreneurs shape the wealth and prosperity of our society, as they create the new ventures and organisations that make up our diverse ecosystem. They create jobs and bring new products and services that improve lives and drive us forward. But the entrepreneurial path is not only one of the most rewarding, it’s also one of the most emotionally exhausting professional paths we could take. An extensive amount of research indicates entrepreneurship as one of the professions that causes the most psychological risks. This is why we set out, in collaboration with the super-active and resourceful Kingston University Business School, to create Resilient Entrepreneur: a set of video courses that would provide an introduction to some practices and skills entrepreneurs can learn to manage stress.

What we did


When planning a video course, one has to decide whether you want to go deep or go wide into the topic. In this case, we decided to go wide, by mentioning briefly the different subjects of interest that arose from the academic research, to allow vievers to understand each practice a little more, and perhaps get inspired and build up the necessary curiosity to get deeper on their own. 

We took the academic papers and simplified them, using everyday language while being careful not to miss any valuable bits of information. The challenge was to transofrm a piece of information that felt pretty academic and exclusive, to a piece of information with the primary purpose to simplify communication and connect through it.


  • 8 Video Course Episodes

Benefit and Result

The videos will provide a solid starting point on psychological wellness to Kingston University’s Business students. Moreover we are planning to publish these into different third parties platforms, such as coursera and other learning platforms.

We've worked with Togada on various projects, including a series of educational videos to create an online course, case studies to record participants' feedback, and experiences, and commercial shooting for marketing. Riccardo and his team are very dedicated and deliver their projects on time. We are hoping to continue working with them on future projects for both educational and commercial purposes. The TEDxKingstonUponThames talk videos made by TOGADA have been viewed on YouTube over 300,000 times. We couldn't ask for much more than this to promote our ongoing events.

Bahare Afrahi

Course Leader and Senior Business Lecturer

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