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2D animation, Graphics, Social Media Clips

Project Description

Poolpharma is the most famous pharmaceutical company in Italy. With communication spanning from social media, national TV, highways and undergrounds, they are everywhere. Such a heavy communication machine can struggle with retaining a fresh and flexible approach and testing new lean strategies. This is what they needed help with, something new, quick and economically convenient.

What we did


Together with Wellcare, we planned an illustrated 2D animation with a lean, effective storyline that would be expressed by both mise-en-scene and by the voiceover. We then combined it with coordinated graphics that could be used in any offline setting as well as social media clips. 


  • One Illustrated 2D animated video
  • Ten Social Media Clips
  • Ten Graphics

Benefit and Result

The campaign was delivered in less than a month and spread quickly across multiple online and offline channels, allowing Poolpharma to test their new product online as well as increase sales.

Professionalism, quality, and effectiveness.

Giorgio Grande

Client Director

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