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2D Explanatory Video, 2D Promotional Video

Project Description

LabEvo is an Italian Start-Up specialising in medical tests delivery. They are the first online service for this kind of laboratory tests, which before could be conducted only at the hospital or, when it comes to pets, at the vet. They needed a way to communicate cleary the benefits of this revolutionary service. 

What we did


In partnership with Wellcare, a Milanese agency focusing on the Pharma sector, we planned a linear script, focusing on pain points, features and benefits of the service, merged it together in a three step storyline, and applied a modern 2D graphic style to it. 


  • One 2D Promotional Video
  • Two 2D Service Explanatory Video

Benefit and Result

The promotional video is now on their homepage, helping thousands of clients understand why their service is the right one for them. Their explanatory videos are use both online and offline at clients presentations.

Professionalism, quality, and effectiveness.

Giorgio Grande

Client Director

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