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Project Description

Open Urban is an innovative Start-up based in London, where they launched their new initiative: Toilets4London, a mobile app and city-wide scheme improving public access to toilet facilities across London,  winner of the 2020 Mayor’s Entrepreneur Tech Award. They needed a lighthearted and funny way to present their brand to possible investors, and this is exactly what we did.

What we did


We used a 3 step storyline to explain the paintpoint, features and benefits in the most straightforward way possible while keeping it light and playful. We implemented very simple 2D graphics to express the message in the best way possible, keeping the video dynamic, while also keeping within budget.


  • One  2D service explanatory video

Benefit and Result

The video was well received and was used to raise funds both online and offline, in start-up competitions and investor presentations.

Togada did a very good job making an animated explainer video for Toilets4London. The animator I worked with had a creative graphic style and the agency was responsive to any requests for changes/alterations along the process.

Nina Rimsky


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