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Project Description

In the creative sector, it’s  important many friends that can somehow complement you. Montanus is one of ours. They are a Danish communication agency, focusing on well-written communication for the tech and science sectors. They love learning new things from those companies who have something interesting to say, getting input directly from the sharpest minds. They have a genuine passion for acquiring new knowledge and passing it along to others. They specialise in coming up with ways to save up their clients’ time when producing great content and they needed a hand to spread their message.

What we did


When a service is too good to be true, it’s important to explain how it works. This is what we do when co-ideating the communication strategy with them. 


  • One explanatory animated video

Benefit and Result

The result is a video that clearly explain how Montanus perform their time-seving and content enriching activities, that they use when holding presentations and on their website.

Just recieved an awesome animated explainer video from Togada. I'm thrilled! Working with the Togada team has been supereasy and seemless. All the way, I felt that Togada had their hands firmly on the wheel during the creative process and the following production. Further, I really think Togada managed to capture our strategic goals and the thoughts that go into our concept very well. Something that is not necessarily easy, when working with an external agency. Thanks for bringing this video to life!

Mikkel Svold


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