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Project Description

Kingston Museum is a small but buzzing museum. There is always something to do for all ages such as wandering around displays and exhibitions or taking part in talks, workshops, trails and events. See our What’s On tab for more information. The displays and collections answer some of life’s big questions. Have you ever wondered how stop-motion animation and film projection were created? Who was the first King of England? Why is Kingston called the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames? Why has Kingston been, and continues to be, a great place to shop throughout history? Why is there a dog on the HMV logo? All these answers are covered at Kingston Museum through our collections. The Museum, which was custom built in 1904, has three permanent exhibitions: Ancient Origins, Town of Kings and Eadweard Muybridge, local pioneer photographer. A varied programme of exhibitions can be enjoyed in the Art Gallery. 

This is a great description, taken from Kingston Heritage. The problem was, very few people knew about it, including locals.

What we did


We embarked on the creation of documentaries that would showcase the most important pieces, those that encapsulated the very history of Kingston and the world at that time. A different ange to the history of Cinema, historical breweries, life in the second world war.

The challenge was, we had to produce a good documentary series using the limited resources available to the public sector. The solution? We used our background in education and training to collaborate with a group of your people connected with the museum, and we trained them to produce and act the scripts we needed to make the documentaries a reality. 


  • Four documentaries

Benefit and Result

The documentaries are now a fundamental part of the Kingston Museum’s experience, they don’t only showcase the unique aspects of the museum, but serve as an informational, digestible, and inclusive medium to know more about the hidden gems of this beautiful organisation.

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